Model 272 0 Water Mist Stored Pressure – stainless steel body

This contains 9lt of distilled water and discharges a fine water mist which is the ultimate extinguishant for Class A fires especially where a potential electrical hazard exists. The fine spray from the unique misting nozzle provides safety from electrical shock, greatly enhances the cooling and soaking characteristics of the media and reduces the scattering of burning material. Unequivocally the best extinguishers for hospital environments, telecommunications facilites and ‘clean room’ manufacturing facilies.

Kitemarked BAFE approved to BS EN3, SOLAS and IMO regulations, European Marine Directive and has passed the 35KV electrical conductivity test specified in BS EN3. 10 year guarantee.
Water + Additive Stored Pressure – stainless steel body

A 9lt water plus additive extinguisher with a 21A fire rating approved for use on shipping under SOLAS and IMO regulations. Kitemarked and BAFE approved to BS EN3. Certified under the European Marine Directive. 10 year guarantee.