Dry Powder

We offer a wide range of dry powder extinguishers from various manufacturers, but all of which are approved to BS EN3

Models 417T, 425T, 441, 668 and 423 are the 1Kg, 2Kg, 4Kg, 6Kg and 9Kg ABC Powder extinguishers in the Amerex range.

These models contain high specification ABC Powder and are manufactured from high strength steel cylinders with a red epoxy polyester paint finish. Supplied with heavy duty chrome plated brass valves and stainless steel handles, apart from models 417T and 425T which have aluminium valves and handles.

Models 417T, 425T, 668 and 423 are approved under SOLAS and IMO regulations. All models are Kitemarked & BAFE approved to BS EN3.

Models 417T and 425T are supplied with a transport bracket and are Certified under the European Marine Directive for lifeboats & rescue boats.